July 18, 2018

Following up on their eponymous first record from 2018, Kingdom of Mustang is excited to announce their second album, MORE. Featuring 17 songs from Mark Roebuck, Tim Ryan, Rusty Speidel and Michael Clarke, the new album is an explosion of alterna-pop rock in a modern setting. Strong melodies and rich harmonies on a bed of compact, propulsive rhythms and tight arrangements drive straight to the heart of your musical soul.

July 18, 2018

After showcasing Mark Roebuck's critically acclaimed 2016 album release “The World and All Within.”, Mark and members of the band began working together on a more collaborative project, calling it Kingdom of Mustang. Kingdom of Mustang is built on the songwriting of both Mark Roebuck and Tim Ryan. Former Deal drummer Michael Clarke again plays drums, and Charlottesville legend Rusty Speidel adds vocals and lead guitar. Together, the band continues to express a modern power pop rock that includes complex chord patterns, soaring vocals and intricate harmonies; and driving, chiming guitars. In 2018 they released their first album, the self-referentially titled “Kingdom of Mustang.”

Of the release, Divide and Conquer writer Jamie Robash writes that “The band’s eponymous debut is a behemoth of seventeen songs that reside in that ‘90s alternative pop sound that sounds as welcoming as it ever did all those years ago. The opening track “Kingdom of Mustang” sets the stage with smooth and catchy jangle pop guitars and cool vocal melodies and harmonies that sound sunny and warm. This warm and sunny vibe of catchy rock riffs and super tight and soaring vocal harmonies continues on “Jester on the Throne” while later on “Another Song for You” the band turns their ear to a more ballad-sanctioned rhythm that would sound perfect as a radio single…”

In a review at CVille Weekly, Nick Rubin writes “The trifecta! I’m a sucker for a statement of purpose, and what else could a self-titled song on a self- titled album possibly be? Kingdom of Mustang’s entry is well-tempered power pop, and more than an ode, because these guys were there—KoM comprises members of legendary 1970s-80s Charlottesville bands like The Deal and SGG&L. The 17 (!) cuts on this debut could be used in a songwriting textbook…”

Jam Records review of the album stated “This cd is such a pleasure to review and so easy to describe. KINGDOM OF MUSTANG waves high the flag of classic jangle rock. That means attention all BYRDS, TOM PETTY, BIG STAR, and TEENAGE FANCLUB fans! This band is for you! Here you get 17 original songs from a band that truly understands how to craft great jangle pop tunes. That means 12 strings, tambourines, nice harmony vocals, and sweet melodies! GRADE A all the way. Don't miss out on this…”

Rock writer Pete Crigler concluded that “In the end, this may be one of the most awe-inspiring projects of the year.” In a review posted At Kool Kat Music, author Claire Fullerton writes that “I know already that these songs will never grow old, they will simply deepen, as good songs do. I can not commend Kingdom of Mustang enough, beyond my enthusiastic recommendation. Get hold of this - you’ll hear exactly what I mean!”

Kingdom of Mustang is available both in Digital and CD format, on ITunes and at CDBaby The music can also be found on Spotify, as well as at the band's website,


The World And All Within, the album from Mark Roebuck, is now available.

With The World And All Within, Mark reunites with former Deal drummer Michael Clarke to produce a twelve song collection of songs both delicate and powerful. Featuring Mark’s strongly personal songwriting brought to life with layers of vocal harmony, propulsive rhythms ; and big guitars, The World And All Within builds on Mark’s legacy of underground power pop with a twist. The project was produced and engineered by Tim Ryan at Studio 607; and Tim also played bass, guitars, and keyboards on the album. The World And All Within has been met with widespread critical acclaim. Powerpopaholic magazine gave the CD 8 out of 10 stars. Author Pete Crigler, writing in The Record Vault Record Reviews, June 24 2016 cited ‘After Day After’ as one of the best songs of 2016. Esteemed rock critic Michael Baron wrote that: “Roebuck is one of those mad pop scientists capable of creating shimmering beauty like XTC, Jellyfish, or The Blood Rush Hour. He's a melodic sui generis, like Michael Brown or The Hang-Ups, which is not to say he sounds like them, but that his hooks sweep you off your feet. “Billboard Blue” features an unusually robust bass, an off kilter minor key melody, and C,S,N and Y harmonies. “Lazarus” is another melodic peak, with that fat, pulsating, veined bass. Roebuck sings a lot like Lane Steinberg, as on the Poco meets XTC “One Bad Day,” and on “God Is A Gun.” “Sunlight” nods to Brian Wilson, while “Day After Day” nods to McCartney, without giving up a gram of Roebuck. Top Ten stuff. Five stars".

The World And All Within:


In 2003 Independent Underground Pop Label NotLame Records Released "Goodbye September," an anthology of the music of the Deal.

Critically well received, it earned four-stars from the All Music Guide. It quickly sold out and is currently out of print. However, it remains available for digital download on ITunes; as well as on CDBaby’s online store .


The World And All Within

Mark Roebuck and Tony Fischer, “Midnight to Morning

Mark Roebuck and Noonday Ruin, “Some Half-Remembered Thing

Big Circle, “Things May Change

SubSeven, “Wild Hallucinations From the Deep Sleep Deprivation”

Subseven Unreleased Recordings 1992 - 1997

Tribe of Heaven, “Imagine We Were”

Burning Core, “Beast (Songs 1989-1992)